Commercial Design Services

Court Atkins Architects offers a menu of professional services tailored to each project’s specific needs and budget. Going beyond basic architectural services, clients have the flexibility to choose from a selection of optional, extended services to meet their expectations of a successful project. Most services are outlined as fixed fees, based upon the scope of work.

Code & Life Safety Review

Understanding and applying the building codes is the foundation of responsible design. Whether a change of occupancy use or testing construction type scenarios for new construction, a comprehensive analysis of the building systems is imperative for the safety of the building users, energy efficient structures, and cost conscious design.

Programming & Feasibility

This phase determines the requirements for the project, including: size, scope, and budget. It is also the time when you begin to test the fit between what you want, what you need, and what you will choose to spend. Your decisions will be translated into a comprehensive program. documenting proposed spaces, descriptions, approximate sizes, important features, and projected budgets.

Record Drawing Documentation

Having accurate documentation of an existing property is essential for a renovation project or preparing lease and legal documents. Using BOMA standards, the service includes accurate field measuring processes and input into electronic CAD files.

New Construction

The Court Atkins team is experienced in performing design services for a variety of project types including: medical, retail, civic, restaurant, resort/hospitality, religious, and general office. Our innovative and experienced team of professionals successfully meets the needs of our clients by delivering responsive and cost-effective solutions for new construction projects. Our open studio environment encourages interaction, creativity, and quality. Our design philosophy focuses on maintaining equilibrium between the primary forces of Form, Function, and Economy. We continually adjust and refine the design in order to achieve optimum results.


With the same creativity and quality design on new construction projects, our renovation service revives tired structures or adapts buildings to new uses. Whether it’s an entry statement or the addition of a new floor, carefully weaving the new and old systems is essential for a successful project.

Tenant Improvements

Converting an empty shell space for a tenant requires thoughtful space planning and careful review of the existing conditions. The process incorporates a client's desired spaces into an efficient and creative layout.

Design-Build / Pricing-Bidding

Building a relationship with a General Contractor/ Builder is a valuable step in the construction process; often, several qualified companies are appropriate for a project. Depending on the project objectives, Court Atkins Architects has either fostered relationships with respected Design/Build partners or prepared traditional bidding documents for more formal evaluation. In addition, this service can help facilitate the preparation of the contract between the Owner and the selected General Contractor.

Engineering & Consultant Coordination

Most projects require a team of professionals outside of the Architectural team. Coordination with these consultants is essential and can include a variety of engineering, landscape architecture, land planning, and specialized designers. Structural Engineering, Mechanical/ Electrical/ Plumbing Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, Lighting Design, Audio/ Video Design and Environmental Specialists.

Site Analysis & Master Planning

Master planning and project phasing is an important part of any successful long-term design solution. These services ensure that the client’s options for future work are not limited by decisions made in the current phase of the project. This is especially important in larger tracts of land, when planning for multiple buildings, compounds, plantation schemes or even future “planned-unit” developments.

Construction Services

Construction Services provides verification that the project is being built in accordance with the contract between the Owner and the General Contractor. There are a number of professional activities, including: the site observation visits, processing of applications for payment, punch lists, subcontractor bid analysis, coordination of change proposals and change orders and review of substantial completion reports.

Agency Approvals

The Agency and Architectural Review Boards are a unique part of projects in the Lowcountry and surrounding areas. The Architect will prepare required documents and applications, coordinate documents from consultants and attend the committee meetings in order to achieve approvals of the project. Approval processes including planning, design boards, and historical and corridor overlay districts.

Interior Design Services

As a full service Interior Design Studio, CAA Interiors provides comprehensive millwork, trim, and cabinetry details along product specifications and finishes, including: appliances, plumbing fixtures, floor and wall finishes, architectural lighting, specialized doors and windows, countertops, toilet and bath accessories. To complete a holistic architecture and interior design solution, Court Atkins Interiors can provide an extensive selection of furniture lines, accessories, decorative lighting, window treatments, wallpaper and rugs appropriate to each project. We arrange all orders, shipping, fabrication, delivery, installation and placement within your home, creating a seamless approach to the installation process.


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